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07/18/2008     Good News...
I am finishing writing the book, titled "My Story" and the musical version of my life in song, also titled "My Story."  As soon as I finish signing the contracts and the publisher can manufacture and distribute, the book will be available to you.
Once again, 
Thanks for the love.           Jimmie Raye
Thanks to the Northern Soul Fans
Northern Soul Fans,                               September 5th, 2005

First I want to thank you for dancing, stomping, jumping up and down, enjoying and loving my music.  The reception that I received from all of you at The Classic Soul Festival March 13th and 14th, 2004 in Los Angeles was overwhelming.  I appreciate your enthusiasm.  I will always remember and feel the love.  Your voices still ring out in my mind and fill my heart with joy.  The moment that Kev Roberts announced my name the entire audience began screaming and applauding.  Thank you.

So many of you have asked me time and time again about my career and why my records weren't manufactured and promtoed worldwide as Motown and other companies promoted their Artists.  After thinking about it for a few years I have decided to write a book that will tell in detail my life story.  Actually, it will be great therapy for my own psyche.  In fact I've already written over 600 pages of the book and each time I engage in my memories I feel a cleansing and baring of my soul.  The process is very wholesome and fulfilling in an unusual way.  There were so many different entertainers that passed through my life it is a pleasure to remember the experiences.  The book is filled with excitement and is thoroughly entertaining.  My life has been very colorful and amazing.  I am so thankful to God for protecting me and bringing me through it all.

The book is scheduled for Summer 2009 release with an album of new music defining my life and times.  Once again, thanks for the love.

Jimmie Raye
10/05/2005-  Niagara Gazette: 
Jimmie Raye, left, received a key to the city from former Falls Mayor Michael O’Laughlin in 1980 but it was stolen on an airplane flight. On Monday, Mayor Vince Anello presented Jimmie and his wife Jaimee a new key to the city of Niagara Falls, New York.
Complete Story....
Gospel Soul, Classic Soul Music
New upcoming CD release!
Single Edition One
From "My Story" CD
Watch for it available soon.
All the Soulies I met in Las Vegas and Los Angeles see you again soon!
The words to "Believe" are my testimony to my faith in the   principle of what God can do for you if you just believe.  I am "Blessed" to be living in his love.        Jimmie Raye