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PAGE TWO:     In 1964 Jimmie went to New York City to join Kim.  Kim was producing live concerts around
the New Yorrk City area.  He met with another singer Johnny B. Good who introduced him to Abner Spector
who owed Tuff Records.  Tuff had hits with the Jaynettes and other groups.  Jimmie signed with Tuff
Records.  The first release was "Look At Me girl (Crying)," b/w "I Tried."  The record release created another
tour.  Jimmie was booked down the east coast playing night clubs, auditoriums, and theaters.  Jimmie was
promoting "Look At Me Girl (Crying)," until he called Abner for more promotional records.  He was informed
that "I Tried" was bubbling under the top 100 in Billboard Magazine.
    Jimmie wanted to make a change from Tuff.  He met Sticks Evans at the Broadway Recording Studios
during a session.  Sticks was also arranging music and working gigs with major entertainers.  I told him that I
was signed with Tuff, but I was looking for a new label.  He agreed to work on arrangements for four of my
songs "Philly Dog Around The World," "I Just Can't Take No More," "You Must Be Losing Your Mind," and
"For The Sake Of Love."  After Sticks finished the arrangements he hand picked the singers and the musicians
for the recording session.  Bernard Purdie played drums.  Sticks had Nicolas Ashford and Valerie Simpson do
all of the background vocals.  The room was filled with veteran studio players.
   Sticks also introduced Jimmie to Alexander Axelrod an entertainment attorney.  He assisted in breaking the
contract with Tuff.  After the release from Tuff, Jimmie searched for a new recording deal.  While Jimmie
searched for a record deal, he decided to release "Philadelphia Dawg" on KKC label.  Kim began booking shows
at concert halls in NYC.  I met Don Gardner at Smalls Paradise.  Jimmie met Don a few times, but Kim decided
to use King Curtis as the band for the major concerts at Rockland Palace and The Manhatten Center.  Jimmie
released "Philly Dog Around The World."  The dance beat was stronger and more pronounced.
    The Jimmie Raye Show was performing at the Purple Manor Club on 125th Street when a film producer
came by to see the show.  The producer contacted Jimmie to appear on stage in the movie singing his original
song "I Just Can't Take No More."  Axelrod contacted John Levy to manage Jimmie.  He signed a management
contract and gave publishing rights of "I Just Can't Take No More" to John's Jodax Publishing house.  He
respected John Levy's resume.  John is a major concern in the entertainment industry.  He trusted him.  The
day scheduled for the filming of "Round Trip" we arrived at The Purple Manor early afternoon.  Kim had gone
to the Apollo Theatre to meet with our friend from Buffalo, NY Darrell Banks.  Darrell's record "Open The
Door To Your Heart" was a major hit.  Jimmie and Darell did shows at Johnny's Ellicott Grill in Buffalo.  The
grill was a place to get paid and improve your talent.  The night of the film taping the entire block that the
Purple Manor was in was lit up.  There were lights everywhere.  Jimmie remembers coming out on stage to
thundering round of hand clapping and yelling.  Then the place began to rock.  It was a very good show.
    Jimmie met Jack Lewis when he was performing in Miami.  That night Jack, Juggy Murray from Sue
Records and a few other record company executives came to the show.  They all went to the Eden Roc Hotel
for the after party.  Jimmie was impressed with all of the dignitaries.  Jack worked with CBS.  At the time, he
was very happy with the success of Barbara Streisand's "People."  He also produced Jazz artists for several
different record companies.  He gave Jimmie his card and told him to call him when he returned to NYC.  John
was seeking a major record deal for Jimmie.  He took Jimmie to meet with Ed ("For Your Love") Townsend
who was A&R for Mercury Records.  Jimmie enjoyed meeting Ed, his song was on Jimmie's stage list to sing.  
At that time he felt that things were not moving fast enough, so Jimmie gave Jack a call.  Jack agreed to meet
with him.  Jack brought Monte Kay to the meeting.  Monte and John Levy were the two power houses in
management.  The meeting went well.  Monte came down to The Purple Manor to see the show.  He really
enjoyed the show.  Jimmie met with both management companies trying to sign a major record deal.
    Jimmie contacted a friend in Pittsburg.  Al Gee, a DJ who had many New York City contacts.  He directed
Jimmie to meet with Matt Parson who was working at Scepter Records in production and promotion.  Matt got
Jimmie a deal with the label.  Pete Garrison released "You Must Be Losing Your Mind" b/w "For The Sake Of
Love."  After a few weeks the Garrison record was well distributed down the east coast.
    Matt and Jimmie decided to do a promotional tour.  When they returned to NYC they decided to put together
a "Mr. Soul Spectacular" tour starring Jimmie Raye featuring The Witches and the Warlock.  Jimmie chose the
most experienced musicians, who had worked the road, for the band.  The success of Dionne Warwick's
"Alfie" stopped promotion of "You Must Be Losing Your Mind."  Matt had to go back to NYC to help with
"Alfie."  He introduced Jimmie to Pete Tyler who was a very experienced road manager.  The show performed
in over 100 cities.  Jimmie recalls that when the show was in Richmond, Virginia, Dyke and the Blazers also
were there on the same night.  After the show Jimmie went over to visit with his old friends.  Dyke, Jazzmo,
and Hockaday were very happy to see Jimmie.  They talked about "Funky Broadway," their hit.  Jimmie made
the comment about them traveling in a old Linclon pulling a uhaul trailer in comparision to his limo and air
conditioned bus.  "You guys are number one, you need more comfort out here." Jimmie joked with them.  The
show was performing in Opelika, Alabama with Major Lance when Otis Redding contacted Matt to use the
Witches for background vocals for a recording session.  Matt agreed to do it, but the schedule was too hectic
for the girls to do it.
    Jimmie was in Miami and bumped into some old friends who told him that they saw "Round Trip" in NYC.  
The movie release date had slipped Jimmie's mind.  The next week he went back to NYC.  The only place the
movie was playing was in New Hope, Pennsylvania.  Jimmie went with some friends to New Hope to see the
movie.  We all enjoyed the movie especially The Purple Manor club scenes.  Jimmie was on the road working
when the movie premiered in NYC.  He missed the opening.  That same week Jimmie met with John Levy to
tell him about the movie.  John was a bit upset that Jimmie didn't inform him that he was going to do the
movie.  The problem was that Jimmie trusted Kim's opinion and signed on.  Jimmie asked for a release from the
Manager's contract from John.  They parted as friends.
    Jimmie was now concerned about the current recording contract with Scepter Records.  He met with a
publishing firm, who is now EMI, to make an independent deal.  He signed two songs that he wanted them to
produce to their publishing house.  "That'll Get It" and "It's Written All Over Your Face."  The production was
released on Moonshot Records, a division of Calla Records.  Randy Irwin was the producer and he arranged for
the Shirelles to do the background vocals.  The record company decided to promote the record in Miami.  Nick
(with the solid kick) of WAME radio station, met with Jimmie to talk about a promotion plan.  
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