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Your listening to audio samples from
Jimmie Raye "The Lover" Album
Jimmie Raye
Soul Shopping
"Love Caravan"  "Love Is The Way" and "Spread Love."
This is the photo that was used for "The Lover,"  released 1980.  On
the LP Cover you'll see the color painting made from this photo.
Jimmie Raye's California License plate said
                     "LA LOVER"
PAGE FIVE:   Jimmie did not feel the same energy that drove him on and on .  He couldn't pull it back
together.  The drive was gone.  There was no intense burning desire to succeed.  The mayor of Niagara
Falls gave Jimmie the key to the city while he was in Niagara Falls.  He appreciated the recognition, but he
was empty inside.  Monte had set the meeting with Berry Gordy for Thanksgiving 1980, but Jimmie had
already left for Niagara Falls. "Love Is Gone" and "Love Caravan" are part of the soundtrack in Hector
Babenco's "Pixote" film.  The film was released in 1981.
    Returning home was difficult for him.  He was still drifting in and out of his carreer.  He didn't allow any
time to think about continuing on with his career.  The consumption of living with the loss of his mom was
always paramount in his mind.  1982 he went on air at WEBR as a DJ.  Kenny Rankin was appearing at the
Trafamador.  Jimmie called Monte and got permission to broadcast Kenny's show live on WEBR.
    "I was on my way to work one day and Rick James was parked in front of the Anchor Bar.  I walked
over to the car.  Allen Hayman was sitting in the back being chauffeured by Rick.  I shook Rick's hand and
told him that he was indeed a funky brother."
    In 1985 Jimmie started hearing music in his mind again.  The music once again became a close friend to
him.  He composed several songs for an album project.  He went to NYC to meet with Andy Hussakowsky.  
Jimmie hadn't seen Andy for a couple of years.  Jimmie had asked for a release from his contract the last
time they met.  Jimmie told Andy that he was looking for a co-producer for a album production.  Andy
introduced him to Tom Glenn, a guitar player/arranger who had played on many sessions in Philadelphia
during the "philly sound" days.  The Jimmie and Tom combination enhanced the song material.  The results
were funky and very soulful.  The music from this album was never released.  Demo copies were made to
give out for review.  He made a visit to Buffalo to see Freddy C.  He is a promoter with national contacts.  
Freddy C. wanted Jimmie to release the album in specified markets.  He though that the music had hit
possibilties.  Freddy C. and Allen Hayman promoted Rick James and many other major concerts nationwide.  
Jimmie wanted to release the album but was reluctant to do so.
    Jimmie had not seen Babe Wayne for a long time.  He made a visit to see him.  It was good to see
Rovella, Wayne and Wardell Peterson.  Rovella was mom not only to her sons, Wayne and Wardell, but also
to Jimmie.  Jimmie was in Las Vegas in 1989 when he heard that Wayne had passed away.  Babe Wayne
was a great drummer, and a friend.
    Jimmie decided to take a hiatus from his career.  He accepted a management position in the casino
industry in Las Vegas.  He was told that James Ingram and Jeffrey Osborne were starring at the Hilton so he
stopped by to say hello.  Jimmie had not seen Jeffrey since he went solo from LTD.  Some of the musicians
played in Jimmie's show when he toured Florida.  James played keyboards and sang vocals on Jimmie's "The
Lover" album. (he's the high voice)  They asked Jimmie about singing and performing.  He responded,
"Jimmie Raye is out there somewhere doing shows and having fun.  One day I will catch up to him."  He
continued to do consultant work in the music business.  The millennium opened up Jimmie's mind to look
back in retrospect.  He checked his publishing house and began to find out what happened to all the music
that he composed, performed, and recorded.
    The "Philly Dog Around The World" is a favorite in the Northern Soul dance community worldwide,
reaching #6 out of the Top 50 for Wigan Casino, voted "The World's Best Disco" in 1978, beating out even
the famed Studio 54 in NYC for the much sought after title.  Many of Jimmie's other songs have stayed on
the playlists.  Jimmie remained on the playlists at the Wigan, until it closed in 1981.  Many of Jimmie's other
songs have stayed on the playlists of ledendary DJs gracing the halls of places like The Ritz, The Torch, The
Dome, London, Kettering Leisure Village, Lowton Civic Hall, The Rocket, These Old Shoes, as well as Soul
Radio, and Soul Clubs around the world.  
    The internet provided the resource to reach out to fans worldwide.  The response is overwhelming.  
Jimmie has received a tremendous amount of adultation and love from the "soul dancers" of the world.  The
last time he saw Sticks Evans was in 1985.   The driving force of the beat in the rhythm was created from
his knowledge of the percussion world.  Hector Babenco's "Pixote" is listed in Jheem's Cinepad as one of the
100 most acclaimed movies of all times.  "After I saw "Pixote," the impact of the conditons living in the
streets of Brazil touched me deeply.  Hector Babenco creating art forms, portraying the agony of the children
is informative and provacative."  Jimmie replied when he was asked about the film.
    Y2K brought Jimmie Raye back to the stage with a renewed powerful force of energy.  He is performing
and feeling better than ever.  "The stage makes me feel young and full of fire.  I will continue to do shows
until I can't dance or do the split on stage, with comfort.  As long as the energy lasts, I will be doing a show
somewhere.  I don't think that I will ever stop composing music because it is part of my soul."  Jimmie said
sitting back in his chair after he came off stage.  He is planning a European Tour in 2004 to meet and greet
all of his fans there.  "I am Jimmie Raye, really, I  am.     Go to
Audio Tracks                                       
    "Love Caravan" and "Love Is Gone"
             from "The Lover" Album
          are part of the soundtrack of
    Hector Babenco's film, "Pixote"   1981
 "Pledging My Love"
      Recorded 1987
      Released  2003
    Jimmie Raye Photo 2003
J i m m i e  R a y e
O f f i c i a l  W e b s i t e
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