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  "Mr. Soul Spectacular"
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NOW PLAYING Your listening to clips of "Philly Dog Around The World,"  "I Just Can't Take No More," "For The Sake Of Love" and "I Tried"
All songs produced by Jimmie Raye
Song Release Label
1. "Hey Lets Dance" b/w 45 inch vinyl Satan
"Forgive Me"
Discography Page Two
This is the first released recording by Jimmie Raye.
Track Notes
It was recorded in Washington D.C.
"You Don't Want  My Love" b/w
"I Kept On Walking"
   Niagara 45  1963
3. "I Kept On Wallking"
45 inch vinyl Niagara
"You Don't Want My Love"
   Jimmie Raye
Track Notes
Recorded in Buffalo, New York.
Soul Shopping
"Look At Me Girl"
45 inch vinyl Tuff Records
5. b/w
"Look At Me Girl   (Crying)''   b/w
    "I Tried"
   TUFF 45  1964
6. "I Tried"
Studio Notes Drums Bernard Purdie 
    "I Tried" was bubbling under
  the Top 100 in Billboard Magazine. 
Track Notes
"Philadelphia Dawg"
7. 45 inch vinyl KKC
8. "Walked On, Stepped On, Stompped On"
" Philly Dog Around
       The World"
9. b/w
45 inch vinyl
"I Just Can't Take No More"
Studio Notes 
"Just Can't Take It No More"
           KKC 45 1966
Musical Arrangement and Percussion Sticks Evans. 
   "Philadelphia Dawg"
         KKC 45 1965
Drums Bernard Purdie.
Supervised by Matt Parsons.
Background Vocals Nicholas Ashford and Valerie Simpson.
Track Notes 1967,  "I Just Can't Take No More," featured Jimmie Raye singing live
at the Purple Palace Cafe on 125th St. in New York City, for the film
drama "Round Trip"   The Director Pierre-Dominque Gaisseau's fillm
synopsis.....A Frenchman heads for the Big Apple to start anew.
He begins an affair with a struggling African American Model trying
to leave the ghettos.  Conflict.  He's fascinated by her Harlem roots.                                  Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide
"Philly Dog Around The World"
             KKC 45  1966
" Philly Dog Around The World," a Classic Stomper.  It hit #6 on the  Northern Soul Top 50, Wigan Casino It's a playlist favorite at St. Ives, The Dome, The Ritz,  Kettering Leisure Village, The Rocket, Lowton Civic Hall, Soul Radio internet shows and Northern Soul Club circles worldwide .            
Keep the faith.  
"You Must Be Losing
         Your Mind"
11. 45 inch vinyl & JRE 1967
"For The Sake Of Love"
Studio Notes Musical Arrangement Sticks Evans
Drums Bernard Purdie.
            "You Must Be Losing Your Mind"
Garrison 45 (a division of Sceptor Records) 1967
Background Vocals Nicholas Ashford and Valerie Simpson.
Track Notes
  "You Must Be Losing Your Mind" was rereleased    in 1995 as part of a Kent compilation.             "Living The Nightlife"
"That'll Get It"
45 inch vinyl 1968
Moon Shot
14 "It's Written All Over Your Face"
J i m m i e  Ra y e
"That'll Get It"
Moon Shot 45 (Distributed by Calla)  1968
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